The optional block. The MHLSettings block allows users to perform advanced configuration of the material handling model, namely to customize resolving and avoidance of transporter collisions.


Resolve collisions
If the option is selected, all the transporter collisions will be automatically resolved by the AnyLogic engine. The model will wait for the default collision timeout, and in case the collision remains unresolved, transporters will continue their movement by driving one over another inside the corresponding point node. If the option is disabled, the model will stop once transporter collision occurs, and an error message will be shown.
Syntax: boolean resolveCollisions
Set new value at runtime: set_resolveCollisions(new value)
Avoid collisions
If the option is selected, the AnyLogic engine will optimize movement of transporters to maximally avoid transporter collisions. However, this does not guarantee complete collision avoidance. The algorithm will analyze transporter routes. If there are some paths required by several transporters, these paths will be enabled only for a certain transporter, while the other transporters will wait for the transporter to leave the path.
Syntax: boolean avoidanceCollisions
Set new value at runtime: set_avoidCollision(new value)