Free space navigation

When moving in free space mode, transporters detect their surroundings and avoid the obstacles using the most efficient route to reach the destination point.

Walls and other transporters moving in free space mode are always recognized as obstacles. If needed, you can also specify most of space markup shapes specific to Material Handling Library (such as conveyors, cranes, lifts, etc.) and pallet racks as obstacles by selecting the Is obstacle option in their properties.

Movement in free space navigation mode.

Path-guided transporters and pedestrians are ignored by transporters moving in free space mode, which means the transporters will run over these shapes during model execution.

The movement of transporters in free space is restricted by one ground.

Unlike the transporters with path-guided navigation type, you cannot specify any particular route for transporters moving in the free space mode apart from the target they must reach.

The navigation type, home locations and additional rules of movement for a fleet of transporters are defined in the properties of the TransporterFleet block.

Demo model: Transporters Moving in Free Space

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