Moving, rotating and zooming 3D scene at runtime

At runtime you can move, rotate and zoom in/out of a 3D scene displayed in 3D window using the commands described below: 

In order to

Use the mouse as described here

Move the scene 1.  Press the left mouse button in the 3D view scene and hold the mouse button pressed.
2.  Move the mouse in the required direction.
Rotate the scene 1.  Press and hold Alt (Mac OS: Option) in the 3D scene window.
2.  With Alt (Mac OS: Option) being pressed, click and hold the left mouse button.  
3.  Move the mouse in the required rotation direction.
Zoom in the scene
1.  Scroll the mouse wheel forwards in the 3D window scene.
Zoom out of the scene 1.  Scroll the mouse wheel backwards in the 3D window scene.

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